5 Tips to Keep Your Website User Friendly


Most of the time, as business owners, we start a business by creating a domain name and throw a website up with some pretty images, colors and our fancy new logo. Then we sit and hope someone will contact us to buy our products or services. This is rarely the case.

5 tips for keeping your website user friendly with Devan McCabe of Nimbi Creative for Belong Magazine ISSUE 10

User Experience Design is the thoughtful psychology behind enhancing a user’s satisfaction with a website or mobile app by improving the usability, flow, interaction, accessibility, and the visual hierarchy of key information provided.

Executing this well allows for more conversions and longer online sessions per visit and page. You have, on average, about 8 seconds to capture a new user’s attention. If you’re not thinking about your website’s user experience you could be losing people before they even know what you have to offer.

So, how can you make sure your website is user friendly and not losing potential clients?

Here are 5 designer tips that I’ve put together for you to keep in mind when you look at your website to ensure you’re offering a friendly user experience that draws in your potential clients.

  1. Make it obvious. 

  2. Do user testing. 

  3. Have visual hierarchy. 

  4. Keep it simple. 

  5. Create a natural flow.

Want more? Get the details on Devan's 5 tips in ISSUE 10 which you can download for free.


Devan McCabe the designer & owner behind Nimbi Creative and the founder of Together - A Bosslady Community! She's a mom of 2 little girls under 4, a wife and a dog mama to her Boston Terrier "Mac" (named after the computer and her favorite makeup brand) and her American Bulldog "Bronson".

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