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Being an entrepreneur is so hard. SO HARD. Finding the help you need and the support you want can be so difficult. Sure, you can search the web, but it is so huge that it's easy to get lost--or maybe you don't even know where to start. Am I right?

Or, maybe you're a small business that is struggling to get noticed. You are desperate to be the solution and support for other women, but you don't have the energy or the budget for major marketing efforts. You're just trying to keep up with the day-to-day. You want to increase your visibility, but just don't have the time to research options or figure out what to do.

You're not alone.

This is why we created our Creative Directory (formerly known as the Resource Guide). The Creative Directory is a multi-page feature at the end of some of our issues (both digital and print) AND as its own page on our website. We want to help women not only find the help they need, but provide a platform for women to get their businesses in front of the eyes of thousands of other female creatives business owners across the country (and the world). 

Where else can you find an opportunity to reach thousands of women for only $100?

If you offer a service, product, community opportunity, course, etc... that would benefit creatives and female entrepreneurs and CREATIVES, you need to get in the creative directory.

Our next Creative Directory will appear in ISSUE 12. Rates are AS LOW AS $100 and the reach is broad.

keep in mind...

  • Your business will be featured in a magazine that is sold at Barnes & Noble stores across the country.

  • Our digital edition is downloaded by thousands of women.

  • You’ll receive a complimentary Online Creative Directory listing for six months.

  • A print copy of ISSUE 14 will be sent to your mailbox as a “thank you”! For FREE!

  • We asked, and found out that over 90% of our readers keep the magazine as a future resource which means that your listing lasts long after the magazine is off of the shelves.

for only $100!

We don't know about you, but this is something that we wish we'd had when starting Belong. There are SO many resources out there, but how are you supposed to find them if you don't know they exist?! This directory will connect women with one another, allowing them to use their talents to support one another and make things happen!

The Creative Directory features several different categories including:

  • COMMUNITY / business or creative groups (online or in-person)

  • CONFERENCES/RETREATS / workshops, retreats, conferences

  • PHOTOGRAPHY / photographers, photo resources

  • DESIGN / graphic or design related services

  • DEVELOPMENT / business development, coaching, strategy

  • EDUCATION / webinars + education



  • LEGAL /

  • TOOLS/CONSULTANTS / technical support, virtual assistants, apps and other tools

see the online creative directory here.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ's below or you can email us at

1. What does the listing fee include? / There are four types of listings for the magazine. The standard listing ($100) is three lines--company name, brief description and website. The listing + logo ($150) is the same as the standard listing except that your logo is included. The listing + large logo ($200) is the standard listing with a full space for your logo. The online listing will include the standard three lines and your logo depending on which listing you purchased for the magazine.

2. What is the deadline? / The deadline for the ISSUE 14 Creative Directory is 01/31/19. Your logo (if applicable) and payment must be received by this date in order to be included. The online Creative Directory is rolling and you can submit your listing at any time.

3. Do I have to reapply or pay again to get in the "online" Creative Directory? / No. Your Creative Directory listing for the magazine automatically includes a complimentary listing in the online Creative Directory.

4. What do I do after I have submitted my information? /  You do not need to do anything. We will send you a confirmation of your listing and invoice to the email provided.

5. How long is the listing good for? / The listing will appear in ISSUE 14 which releases in March 2019. The print edition stays on the shelves for nearly 6 months. The complimentary digital edition will remain available to download indefinitely. The complimentary online Creative Directory listing is good through the end of August 2019. Therefore, the listing is good for a long time! 

6. How is payment handled? / Once you've provided your information via the online form, we will send you an invoice and you can pay via papal or credit card.

7. What date will the issue that the Resource Guide is in be available? / The Creative Directory will appear in ISSUE 14 which will be released in March 2019.

8. Can I be listed in multiple categories? / YES! You can choose to be listed in more than one category. There is a multi-listing discount for additional listings. 25% off your second listing. 50% off your third listing and beyond.


issue 14 creative directory is now closed

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