3 Easy Ways to Find Resources to Grow Your Business (that aren't Google)

Hours? Maybe days? I don’t even know anymore.

I’m talking about the amount of time I’ve spent looking for the resources I need to grow my business. I’ve googled and scrolled and scrolled and clicked and… (you get the idea). How much time have you invested doing this very thing?


And all you really want is just a little help, right? Whether it’s an app or a service, there is just so much out there that it’s really hard to sort through it all.

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From my experience, there are better ways. Here are some quick and easy suggestions to find the resources you need to support your business (other than the obvious go-to: Google).

Facebook Groups /

If you’re not part of any Facebook groups for other female creatives and entrepreneurs, you must join one. These groups are great for bouncing ideas off of, for asking for advice and for soliciting suggestions for help. It’s an ideal way to easily connect with other women in business.

Suggestions for Facebook groups to join are: Think Creative Collective, Create & Cultivate, The Belong Collective.

Pinterest /

This is a little more unconventional, but as I’m a visual person, this one is great for me. I like to enter my need into the search bar and see what pins come up. I’m able to see a visual for blog posts, podcasts and other modes of organic marketing that small business use. But because it’s visual, I’m able to determine quickly if I think it’s a good fit.

Belong’s Creative Directory /

Did you know that we have an entire webpage just to share resources with you? Yep. Our online Creative Directory. Did you know that once a year, we include a resource guide in our magazine (print and digital)?

In it, you’ll find photographers, education, conferences, designers, attorneys, accountants, podcasts, social media managers, virtual assistants, and more! The majority of listings are female owned businesses who are trying to make their dream com true—just like you!

We’re all for #womensupportingwomen, so we encourage you to check this directory out.


ISSUE 14 will feature a Creative Directory and we want to include you! Since the theme of the issue is “Cultivate”, it only makes sense to provide resources for readers to do exactly that: cultivate and grow their businesses.

Here is how it works:

  • your business name, brief description and website appear as a listing

  • the listing is included in the print and digital editions of ISSUE 14 (digital is linked to your site, of course)

  • you receive a COMPLIMENTARY, 6 month listing in the Online Creative Directory

  • you receive a COMPLIMENTARY copy of ISSUE 14 in print

  • listings start at only $100 (now that’s a rate that fits in to EVERYONE’S budget!)

If you are a service based business that our community of female creatives and entrepreneurs would benefit from, you need to reserve your listing in the ISSUE 14 Creative Directory.


We want to share what you have to offer to as many women as possible--not only will it help grow their business, it will help grow your business and it will help support the mission of Belong.

With listings starting at $100, why wouldn’t you go for it?!

Space is limited. Reserve now!

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