what is belong?

Belong Magazine is a digital and print platform and publication and celebrating the art and community of creativity, community and entrepreneurship. In all that we do, we desire for women to use their passions for a purpose, to inspire women to be authentic, to be life-giving and to encourage one another. We want women to know that they are enough, that they matter and that they have a place. They belong. 

Community is the soul of Belong Magazine which is why we have created a space to highlight some of the amazing resources - networks, conferences, other bloggers and businesswomen, etc... The world wide web is exactly that - a gigantic, messy mass of roads through which it is incredibly hard to find any destination, especially if you don't know what you're looking for. Belong Magazine hopes to be the map - or at least the navigation system. To create. To connect. To encourage. To inspire. So that women can find a place where they belong.

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Brooke Saxon-Spencer

founder + editor of Belong Magazine


Hello! My name is Brooke. This is me. Just me. Introvert, Starbucks addict, M&M fiend, wife to my college sweetheart, mother of three, work-from-homer, midwestern girl at heart living in SoCal, dabbler in all things crafty and pursuer of Christ.

As a creative introvert, I began blogging a few years back looking for “my people” and “my place”. I have to admit that it was a failure. Blogging didn’t bring me instant friends and the cozy comfort of community just by having an existence on the internet. In fact, it made me feel even more lost and alone. I was dumbfounded as to where to go to find my place in the insane massiveness of the internet. Just as I wanted it—and still do want it—for myself, I have a heart for community. I have a desire to encourage people in using their voice and for being confident in their value. I have a desire for people to use the screen in front of them to connect beyond that screen. To discover “their place” and find “their people". Feel free to send me a note at brooke@belong-mag.com.

meet the team


Laura Kashner

publication designer


Laura Kashner is a Midwest-based Graphic Designer who calls a beautiful Illinois farm town home. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts & Graphic Design in 2009, she began her career in the corporate design world and started her creative freelance journey. She's a multi-passionate, big dream dreamer who loves to be in community with other driven creatives. Her aesthetic of clean & simplistic design is reflected in her love of soaking up the "white space" in the life she shares with her husband and two girls.


Reeve Currie

blog coordinator


Reeve is a twenty-something writer who is passionate about women, daily life, and cats. A lover of books, yoga, and coffee, you can find Reeve writing on her blog or snapping photos on instagram. (Otherwise she is probably trying to bring the plants she keeps killing back to life or cuddling with her tattooed man.) Find her here:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Blog

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