15 Tips for Being on Camera


Being creative entrepreneurs, there are many ways for us to reach our audiences. Using video platforms can be fun and nerve wracking. If you’re still hesitant in using these platforms for your business let me shed some light on how ah-mazing they can be for your business.

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I first started hosting free webinars in Spring of 2015 and have since hosted many solo or with my amazing biz other half, Abagail. Every single time we host we double our email subscribers. Yup, you read that right. 


Mostly your face to your name. It’s so easy to fall behind the computer screen of your business and want to stay behind the scenes and hunker down to create. The influence that adding a real personality to your business has on your client relations and interactions is amazing. This gives your customers and clients a chance to “meet” you even though they may be hundreds (or thousands) of miles away.


All of our webinars and live workshops have been free. Occasionally we’ll plug a service or product at the end, but hands down at least 45 minutes of our hour is spent giving super valuable and actionable content. It lets us teach to an engaged audience and read their responses right then and there. We love getting to hear what they learned and took away - heck, they even make great suggestions for future topics.

How amazing to be able to give, give, give in the typical stingy creative world we live in?

So no matter your motive for wanting to get in front of the camera there are some things you need to plan out, address and consider.

Find 15 Tips for Being on Camera from Emylee at Think Creative Collective in ISSUE 01 of Belong Magazine which you can download for free.


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