8 Ways to Be a Better Business Owner


I’ll be the first to admit, being a business owner is anything but easy—but friend, you’ve got this because you also have so much heart. You pour your sweat and tears into new content your target market will love, deal with those pesky logistics that would make anyone else break down and still make time for your friends and family.

8 ways to be a better business owner by heather crabtree of the savvy community and savvy business owners facebook group as featured in Belong Magazine ISSUE 01

The best part?

You’re working for yourself, doing what you love, and can alter your work style to better fit your biz.

Wondering how? These 8 tips will set you on your way:

  1. Stop Trying to Control Everything

  2. Care For Yourself

  3. Nurture The Team

  4. Make The Hard Decisions + Stand Behind Them

  5. Be Organized

  6. Invest In Yourself + Team Members

  7. Mind Your Money

  8. Avoid the Shiny Object Syndrome

Read about these 8 suggestions in depth in ISSUE 01 which you can download for free! 

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Heather Crabtree is a Business Strategist for Creative Entrepreneurs and owner of Heather Crabtree LLC. Prior to this business, Heather began in the legal field and also owned an event planning company for 11 years, which she and her business partner sold in 2014. Now she teaches creative business owners how to create and grow a business with their smarts and their heart. She also runs a private Facebook group, Savvy Business Owners, has a group coaching program, and more. Business aside, Heather is also a proud mom to her littles, London and Lane, and wife of  Cole. She believes that life should not be taken for granted and that we should cherish each morsel of every day. She loves to encourage, motivate and share her knowledge with others, but also believes that we can learn something from every person we meet.


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