Quiz: What's your word?

Who said that you had to find your word of the year by January 1st? Sometimes, you have to step back and reflect a bit AFTER the craziness of the holidays. And who said that a new year was a magic start? Why can’t you do this anytime?!

you can!

There is so much pressure on planning and prepping and putting together #allthethings.

You need to pause. You need to focus.

You need some help!

what's your word.jpg

We developed a quick and fun quiz to give you a “word” that you can hang your hat on.

Why is this “word” thing so important?

You have a vision for your business (I hope). You’ve got a list of goals (even if they’re only in your head). This word is an additional filter for a period of time. It helps you focus in and refine what you’re working on in your business. To really fine tune your efforts.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a single word. In fact, my recent “words” have been:

  • be still

  • believe

  • faith over fear

There are no rules. It’s not a science. It’s just a helpful reminder to keep you on track.

Are you ready to figure out what your word is for your business?

take the quiz to find out!

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