Breaking Up with Your Desk


Ah, an open desktop! The starkness of a clean, clutterless workspace brims with possibility, doesn’t it? I love seeing images of crisp, empty deskscapes (preferably white and with adorable, minimalistic touches like a tiny succulent or hot pink paperclips sprinkled atop them). It’s an Instagram worthy shot, can you picture it?

An inspirational work environment can do wonders for one’s productivity, especially those of us working from home or as soloprenuers.

We need all the motivation we can get!

breaking up with your desk--why you need to learn how to walk away with Taylor Griggs of Sand and Sequins as featured in Belong Magazine ISSUE 06

Many of us had to get creative when it came to setting up our desk space. Some of you took to the nook at the top of your staircase to set up shop. Or perhaps you’re that girl rocking her work flow at the corner table in Starbucks (cute baristas and endless coffee, doesn’t sound half bad).

Maybe those of you feeling overzealous and slightly ostentatious converted your garage into a chic, business bungalow complete with armchairs and a shag rug (major envy over here for you ladies and major respect for the hardware skills!).

Or possibly you’re like me, and your desk is nestled to the side of your bedroom balcony door where the light pours in and your bed is always silently calling you away from tasks. Darn you, bed.

Wherever your workspace, whether you’re making due in your bedroom or living it up in a long awaited spacious office, it’s your personal corner of the universe.


So I get it, your work space is sacred.

It’s where your ingenious thoughts spring to life. It’s where you sit for hours on end, late into the night, perfecting your next blog post. It’s where the tears flow and the fists clench. It’s a wicked awesome space, terribly wonderful, and the foundation for what you do.

But! But, but, but – hear me out on this.

While we all grow attached to our desks, sometimes life beckons for a break up. Yes, a break up between you and your desk.

Can you do it?

It’s not forever. I’m actually not even talking about an extended period of time. I’m proposing a once-a-week break up.

Read more from Taylor and why she thinks you need to break up with your desk in ISSUE 06 which you can download for free.

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Taylor Griggs is the author of Sand and Sequins (, a spunky lifestyle and fashion blog full of encouragement and whimsy. A Midwest girl who traded familiar faces for exotic places, specifically the shores of sunny San Diego, Taylor aims to encourage those around her with positivity, intentionality, and just at touch of magic. She believes that the mundane is capable of magnificence if we only put on the right lens. In her spare time Taylor enjoys yoga, lingering in restaurant booths with coffee in hand, and exploring San Diego's many hiking trails.

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