5 Best Places to Shop Green Beauty Online


The green beauty biz is booming.

Natural cosmetics are not only more pleasant to use, higher performance, and greater in quantity, but easier to locate too. You don’t even need to leave home to peruse the virtual aisles of the best natural beauty shops. Learn where to go to shop green beauty online and have healthy items delivered to your door.

5 best places to shop green beauty online with Liz Thompson as featured in Belong Magazine ISSUE 11 - creativity, entrepreneurship, community

The evolution of green beauty has been nothing short of amazing.

What was once a meager offering of home-crafted type concoctions is now a booming mega-industry of high quality selections that rival mainstream cosmetics in both performance and appeal.

Consumers are discovering that natural beauty products do more than simply lower exposure to toxic ingredients. Those healthy ingredients also help to reduce signs of skin irritation and sensitivity, quell headaches and nausea associated with synthetic fragrance, and keep skin looking its best and most vital.

The poster children for toxic cosmetic ingredients, parabens and phthalates, are certainly two to avoid when purchasing cosmetics and personal care products.

But the list doesn’t stop there.

Ready for a a crash course in ingredients to look for when shopping for beauty items and where to shop?

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Liz Thompson is a copywriter and blogger for natural beauty site and shop owners.


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