Find Creative Freedom with Dubsado

As creative entrepreneurs, we look for “creative freedom” in some aspect or another. Often, the start of our entrepreneurial journeys are the result of this very need for freedom. Other times, the realities that come with the business we have built are the new hindrance to feeling that freedom.

Whatever point you are in your journey, creative freedom is something to be sought after, encouraged, and celebrated.

Thankfully, we have outlets with which to do this; for example, Belong Magazine’s vision is to celebrate “the art and community of blogging, social media and entrepreneurship.” We pick up a copy to read stories from the communities who value what we value as an act of validating that need to pursue creative freedom. We find tribes like Belong Magazine, who so brilliantly embody the best parts of our unique journeys and give us the permission to keep going. Now more than ever, whether it is a FB community, an Instagram pod, a collective or a magazine like Belong, the power of communities chasing creative freedom are evident.

What about services though?

When you think about the communities striving to celebrate blogging, social media and entrepreneurship, does software come to mind? Does every subscription fee you pay monthly right now, give you a sense of creative freedom, or freedom in general? The two aren’t exactly synonymous; that’s where a game changer comes in.  

Dubsado is a Business Management System, designed by creatives who have stood in the very shoes you stand in now and asked, “Could we build a product that would give creatives freedom they could have never imagined?” A year later, thousands of creative entrepreneurs are having not only their businesses but their lives changed by Dusbado. Here’s why:

1. Streamlines Your Process /

You know all that paperwork that piles up on your desk? Those loose contracts you can’t seem to keep track of? All those emails on multiple servers trying to communicate what a client wants and what they’ve paid or haven’t paid? Speaking of haven't paid, where do all those invoices go? How could I ever hold my clients to the payment schedule they promised? What if every single one of those problems and so many more could be handled, by one, easy to use software? What if that software automated your ENTIRE business process, from the gathering and organizing leads, to when you send that client their work or finish their event and get paid? Enter Dubsado.

2. Saves You Money /

So if something took care of all that for my business, there has got to be a catch? It must be like, a billion dollars! Well, surprise: Dubsado offers the most powerful and customizable CRM on the market at the LOWEST cost. At nearly half the price of other CRMs, Dubsado is unbelievably affordable and offers you the opportunity to cut out payments on sometimes 4 or 5 other services! Not to mention all that money you won’t be losing from difficult or messy clients. 

3. Saves You Time /

Imagine this: You’re outside on a Saturday, playing with your kids when someone fills out your Dubsado lead capture form you’ve embedded on your website. Time to put the toys down and go figure out how to convert them to a job right? Wrong.

With Dubsado workflows, you can set processes to trigger EXACTLY how you want them, sending out response emails, forms, invoices, and contracts sometimes with you even pushing ONE button.

This means more time to pursue that creative freedom we seek so desperately. More time to relax with your family. More time; the most valuable commodity we have.

4. Your Clients Will Love It /

Dubsado isn’t just incredible on your end. Your clients will receive your forms, all customized exactly how you want them, with NONE of Dubsado branding on it. That’s right: None. More than that, activate their client portal so that they can log in to a special hub just for them, where every communication you’ve had or thing you have sent can be easily accessed and worked on. Your clients will be in awe at how streamlined, professional, beautiful and easy your process is!

5. Rockin’ Customer Support /

Ok. I know where Dubsado will drop the ball: customer service. Well, hate to break it to you, but Dubsado’s customer service team is recognized around the industry as a standard setter in reliability and responsiveness. Not only this, but Dubsado also boasts a robust and vibrant community of users on FB, collaborating, supporting and problem solving for one another all over the world. Need help getting set up? Dubsado will convert your forms/contracts and emails for you into their system or ask for help in the community. Need expert tips? Try a one on one session with customer service or countless tutorial videos and walkthroughs. 

Do you want more time to sit on your couch and leisurely flip through the pages of your beautiful, new issue of Belong Magazine? Do you want the ability to pursue that creative freedom again, without business getting in the way? Grab a free, no time limit trial of Dubsado and join the community of creatives doing business a whole new way.

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