what to do first when planning a wedding


Getting engaged is such a happy, exciting time in a person’s life but all the joy and celebrating usually exists alongside some stress and planning.

Do these things first to set a great foundation for your experience!

what to do first when planning a wedding by Jenna Whitecar as featured on the Belong Magazine blog

Sit Down With Your Families /

This may not apply to everyone but if it does, sit down with those who are helping pay and those you are closest to. Get a feel for their expectations and share yours. You are combining two families and that is not always easy.

People have different ideas, traditions, and thoughts on such a matter and you will learn quickly that it might be your wedding day, but this is equally as important to parents most of the time.

Some compromise on certain things will be necessary as you go.

Budget /

Weddings are no joke when it comes to the damage it can do to one’s wallet. Figure out what is realistic for you, your fiancé and your family and move forward from there.

Money talk may be awkward but it’s necessary.

Create a Guest List Before Your Venue /

Create that guest list. Have an A list and then a B list and do whatever it is you need to do to whittle it down to what you want, whether that be large or small. THEN, (and only then) should you look for a venue. Not all venues can hold a certain number of people and if you sign on one or get your heart set on one but then realize it is at the cost of World War 3 or hurting people’s feelings, it will only create some angst and regret. Just create that list first and foremost and then move forward.

Collect Ideas /

Utilize Pinterest, magazines, friends, Instagram and all of the amazing resources out there to get your inspiration. Reading and scrolling are really wonderful ways to spark your creativity and find your unique style. Take advantage of all the wonderful outlets out there!

Jenna Whitecar is a San Francisco based lifestyle blogger of Jenna Rose Colored Glasses. Along with her blog, she has a career in marketing and writes for various publications including PopSugar. Aside from her love of connecting to people through the written word, Jenna loves books you can't put down, authentic Italian food, all types of art and collecting passports stamps and adventures.

blog: www.jennarosecoloredglasses.com / instagram: @jennarosecoloredglasses / pinterest: @jennarosesf / facebook: jennarosecoloredglasses / twitter: @jennarosesf

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