how to (conscientiously) plan a bachelorette party


Oh the Bachelorette Party!

This shindig has become increasingly popular in recent years, going from a local night out with friends to a 4-day getaway that often requires a plane ticket and in some cases, even a passport! 

When planning such an extravagant, important event, it is crucial to keep a few things in mind in order to ensure that everyone participating is having a good time and leaves the trip with only positive memories. Whether you are a bride and planning your own, or a maid of honor, consider these important details before you celebrate this exciting time!

Budget /

No matter where the bride chooses to go, it will cost money.

Set a realistic budget and look into to flights, hotels, Airbnbs, food delivery services, restaurants and excursions that will fit under it. Also, consider that some people may not be able to go all days so you may have to adjust the price of housing or other details. It requires more math than we’d probably like but giving guests a rough estimate is always appreciated. It is also insurance against any issues that could potentially arise later on.

Communicate /

Bachelorette parties where everyone knows what is going on, what things cost, where they are going once they arrive and any miscellaneous details, always are more successful.


People are essentially paying for a vacation so it is always wise to keep them in the loop!

Consider the Bride /

It is her day after all so make sure that you plan games, decorations, and fun events that will help make it special and unique.


Recruit friends and ask for help!

If everyone does one thing, it will end of being quite a special time, leaving the leading lady in happy tears!

Consider the Guests /

The bride is obviously the guest of honor. But to be frank, she also isn’t (usually) paying for everyone and if friends and bridesmaids are traveling for this event, it is important to consider that they have a say in what to do as well.

Always be considerate of people’s lifestyles, allergies, budgets, etc.

Creating a full itinerary or at least an outline when you invite the guests might be wise so they can see how they are expected to invest their money. This way, everything is out in the open.

Express Gratitude /

"Please" and "thank you" go a long way.

There is nothing more heartwarming than a bride who tearfully expresses gratitude for all her friends coming together and celebrating her. This rule also applies to any Maid of Honor who is grateful for any help she is receiving. (Odds are it will be reciprocated back to you tenfold if you are gracious)!

Let people know how much you appreciate them. It creates such a positive setting.

Jenna Whitecar is a San Francisco based lifestyle blogger of Jenna Rose Colored Glasses. Along with her blog, she has a career in marketing and writes for various publications including PopSugar. Aside from her love of connecting to people through the written word, Jenna loves books you can't put down, authentic Italian food, all types of art and collecting passports stamps and adventures.

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