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Weddings are more than expensive these days and with it being a billion dollar industry, many vendors are taking advantage of the opportunity to up prices. People are usually willing to pay for quality more than usual on this day so it’s a good business opportunity on their part. However, there are certain things that by tradition are popular but you can definitely cut costs there.

weddings - when to cut and when to invest with @jennarosecoloredglasses as featured on the belong magazine blog



Photography or videography provide the most solid memories you will take from your wedding day. These photos will become family heirlooms and will decorate your home. Do not skimp on this.


Good food makes for happy guests.

When the food is memorable, an event usually is. It sets the stage for a good night ahead when the appetizers are killer and everyone is excited about the main course!


DJs/bands are the entertainers and emcee the whole event. Don’t get a dud who doesn’t have it together, make sure that you invest in someone who will get the party started the way it should. 



Usually they are not good quality, and people forget to take them half the time.


This one is tricky as flowers decorate events so nicely, but if you are in a tight spot, find a trusty friends or family members who can DIY on your wedding day. There is some phenomenal turnout on makeshift bouquets.


Some wedding dresses cost thousands of dollars and are less flattering than the ones that cost just a couple hundred. Buy what feels good and looks good, not what label it is.


Wine and beer only is very popular (and honestly, safer). If your venue is BYOB, check out some wineries or even stores like BevMo, they usually offer great deals.


Donuts, cookies, candle, and ice cream bars have been exceedingly more popular over the years as cake seems to go to waste more often than not.

Where do you recommend investing and cutting for weddings and celebrations?

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