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In the spirit of community (which we talked a bit about last week), we introduced...

Belong Collective Facebook Hostesses

this week to our FREE facebook community, The Belong Collective. These lovely women are there to prompt discussion and be a resource to you. They are talking about inspiration, encouragement, support and resources, as well as lots of other female entrepreneur related topics. We want you to join the conversation. If you aren't already part of it...

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There is no better way to spend an evening than on the couch scrolling through the #youbelong feed on instagram. You ladies post some of the most amazing images. 

Here are my favorites from this week. Find all the details HERE

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There are only so many hours in the day, and, let's be honest, a girl has got to stay current on her Netflix, BUT I'm telling you, this podcast is a game changer. Abagail and Emylee of Think Creative Collective are killing it, as usual, with their newest addition to the plethora of resources they offer the female creative entrepreneur community. Make the time to listen in. You won't regret hitting pause on Netflix. Go here to get caught up. 

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Remember when I was talking about the "big ask?" Well, this post was helpful for me in forming my "asks" into something tangible. It's always hard putting together a good pitch, but Gilit makes it so simple! Check it out here.  

What did you find on pinterest this week that you found helpful?

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I just love this quote hand lettered by Little Black Letter Company for ISSUE 03. 

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