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As an introvert who works from home, sitting at a table surrounded by women of all backgrounds from all different creative industries, I felt myself smiling. As I am sitting there listening to women share their stories, opening up about their struggles, laughing full of relief over what used to be insecurities, I found myself completely lost in the moment.

A moment where all those every day struggles of home, work, bills, chores, and to-do lists melted away.

community feature: The Mint Sweater with Marnie Dashwood as seen in Belong Magazine ISSUE 11 - magazine for female creatives and entrepreneurs

I found myself nodding, laughing, all because when these women spoke, it was as if they were describing my life. They just completely understood me and they didn’t even know it. I said to myself, “I miss this.”

I realized in that moment that I couldn’t remember the last time I had spent time with friends just for the sake of having fun.

Life happens, we get caught up in building a career, taking care of our families, and trying to find time for ourselves in between, that we forget about surrounding ourselves with people who help bring joy into our lives, who make us feel loved, and most importantly we forget what it means to just have fun.

That is why The Mint Sweater is no longer a blog, but instead a lifestyle based upon creating a life you love, bringing back friendship, and reminding ourselves to have more fun.

Read more from Marnie about The Mint Sweater, who The Mint Sweater Girl is and all about the community in ISSUE 10 which you can download for free.

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