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Who is ready for another round of favorites? Here we go!

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This week's favorites from the #youbelong instagram feed. If you aren't already, use the hashtag #youbelong on your posts so that we can check them out. Maybe you'll get featured! Get all the details on these lovely posts here. 

favorite resource / 

This post is full of wonderful info for all of us instagramers (and it has a little infographic too). Social Studio Shop is a great resource all around, so you should definitely be following them. 

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We are big fans of Squarespace so we love this post on Christina Scalera's site about why she switched from WordPress to Squarespace. And did you know that Belong readers can get 10% off their Squarespace purchase with code BELONG? Click here and get going!

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This is so amazing, you guys! You have to go to the blog post and scroll down and tap the "download" button, but it's so worth it!