the brand passion guide workshop


The Brand Passion Guide Workshop is a styled educational experience that focuses on cultivating community and teaching attendees everything that I have learned while designing successful brands within the creative industry.

brand passion guide workshop as featured in Belong Magazine ISSUE 09

The heart of the Brand Passion Guide Workshop experience was created with a special kind of business owner in mind--the kind of business owner who wants to grow, connect, and build from a safe place of truth.

My mission is to empower you to feel confident and important while building a brand that you are passionate about.

The Brand Passion Guide was originally created as a digital resource to give entrepreneurs insight into my creative branding process. This was my plan: a small resource, no more than about eight pages, packed with the steps I use to create brands everyday. Nothing more, nothing less. I quickly realized that there was a need for a deeper, more hands-on experience--one that would equip attendees with the tools needed to connect their brand to their passion and to focus on what matters most in their lives.



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