Belong Online Resource Guide

Have you seen our Online Resource Guide yet? It's a free, downloadable guide listing businesses that offer services and products that can help you build your business. If you need help, this is your "go to" source.

The Resource Guide features several different categories including:

  • ATTEND / workshops + events
  • BEHIND THE LENS / photography + videography
  • BLOG / blog related resources
  • COMMUNITY / business or creative groups (online or in-person)
  • DESIGN / graphic or design related services
  • DEVELOP / business development, coaching, strategy
  • LEARN / webinars + education
  • MONEY + LEGAL / accounting + legal
  • SUPPORT / technical support, virtual assistants, etc... 
  • TOOLS / applications or other tools

We don't know about you, but this is something that we wish we'd had when starting Belong a year ago. There are SO many resources out there, but how are you supposed to find them exactly if you don't know they exist?! This guide is intended to connect women with one another, allowing them to use their talents to support one another and make things happen!

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