books to build a year on

I am a big reader. And I'm a big believer that reading is a great way to not only give yourself a break but to inspire your creativity and grow your knowledge and business.

Need a list to get you going for the new year?

I've got you covered!

books to build a year on - belong magazine blog

Give and Take / Bird by Bird / Leave Your Mark / Present Over Perfect / Furiously Happy / Steal Like An Artist / Make It Happen / Restless / Love Skip Jump / Love Does / In the Company of Women / Powersheets / Simplified Planner

I'll be honest, I've not read each one all the way through, but they are all amazing!

Let's begin with the book that started all things Belong: Make it Happen.

This book was exactly what I needed two years ago when my health care career looked to be coming to transition point and I didn't know what I wanted to do with myself. Next were Restless and Love Skip Jump which were so influential in reframing my point of view--taking it away from myself and looking out which is something that I think we all need sometimes. 

Oldies but goodies that I come back to repeatedly: Bird by Bird and Love Does. Both good reads with great wit and wisdom. 

If you need a seriously good laugh (disclaimer: and can handle a few swear words), you have to get your paws on Furiously Happy--yes the one with the raccoon on the cover. Laugh out loud until tears fill your eyes and you cannot read anymore funny. That's this book. 

Steal Like an Artist is quick and easy and such great words, reminder and inspiration for the creative. Leave Your Mark and Give and Take are both great for the female entrepreneur. 

I've used Powersheets for years and cannot wait to use the newly released spiral bound book for 2017. I have it sitting alongside my new 2017 Simplified Planner ready to tackle planning, dreaming, goal setting, and beyond for the year ahead. Powersheets are KILLER for sorting out your goals, dreams, thoughts and making it bite sized in order to make it happen. 

Currently on my side table are In the Company of Women which has been such an encouragement for me as female entrepreneur (find our Q+A with Grace Bonney, author and founder of Design*Sponge in ISSUE 06) and Present over Perfect which had been influential in keeping me grounded in reality and what is important (find a chapter of this book in ISSUE 05). 

What's on your reading list for the new year? 

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