A Dream Come True

Title a little too schmaltzy? Maybe. But, seriously, can't I have a moment?!? Belong Magazine is in Barnes & Noble. Did you catch that? Belong Magazine is on the shelves at Barnes and Noble! FOR REAL! Pinch me!

Brooke Saxon-Spencer and Belong Magazine at Barnes and Noble

Yes, my five-year-old took my picture and everyone thought we were a little odd at the store, but it was worth it to capture the moment.

There are so many discouraging moments along the road as an entrepreneur, but I wanted to share this--NOT TO BRAG--but to remind you to bask in your moments. Celebrate your successes whether big or small. Being a creative entrepreneur is hard hard hard (did I mention hard?) work, but when you see your work come together and make a difference, that's so worth it! And now, to see Belong become accessible to more women? It is such a great feeling. It's my own little dream come true.

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