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We are giddy excited about offering something new in our next issue. We are featuring a Resource Guide. If you offer a product, service, community opportunity, etc... that would benefit your fellow creative entrepreneurs, you will want to get in on this one!

belong magazine resource guide opportunities

With our rapid growth and new placement at Barnes & Noble nationwide, this is the time to get  into Belong Magazine. Rates are reasonable and the reach is broad. 

The Resource Guide will be its own section in ISSUE 04 (which releases at the end of June) featuring several different categories including communities, photography, web, design, etc... (click below to get the specifics) under which will be listings for individual businesses, groups, etc... Once ISSUE 04 has had its run and ISSUE 05 is released, we will be offering the Resource Guide for free to our readership on our website. That means that your investment lasts longer than just ISSUE 04.

We don't know about you, but this is something that we wish we'd had when starting Belong almost a year ago. There are SO many resources out there, but how are you supposed to find them exactly if you don't know they exist?! This guide will connect women with one another, allowing them to use their talents to support one another and make things happen!

Get information on how you can be included here.

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Still have questions? Check out our FAQ's below or you can email us at

1. What does the fee include? / There are three types of listings. The standard listing is three lines--company name, brief description and website. The listing + logo is the same as the standard listing except that your logo is included. The premium listing is the standard listing with a full space for your logo. If you look at the "sample guide" provided in the media kit, examples of the standard listing would be Bloguettes and Rising Tide Society. Examples of the listing + logo would be Create & Cultivate and Socality. Examples of the premium listing would be Think Creative Collective and The Social Society

2. What can be included at each level? / Each level includes the basic three lines with the company name, brief description and website. The listing + logo allows you to add a small logo. The premium listing allows a whole separate space for your logo.

3. What is the deadline? / The deadline for the Resource Guide is 05/14/16.

4. Do I have to reapply or pay again to get in the "online" Resource Guide? / No. The exact same Resource Guide that appears in ISSUE 04 will be offered on our website.

5. What do I do after I have submitted my application? / Technically, it's not an application, but a way to gather your information. You do not need to do anything. We will send you a confirmation of your listing and invoice to the email provided.

6. Seems like all the companies in the listing are in CA so I may not be a good fit. / The "Resource Guide" page that is shown in the media kit example is JUST A SAMPLE of what the guide will look like. These companies are not necessarily included in the guide.

7. How long is the listing good for? / The listing will appear in ISSUE 04 which releases at the end of June. When ISSUE 05 releases at the end of September, we will make the Resource Guide available on our website. Any remaining print stock of ISSUE 04 will continue to be sold (which includes the Resource Guide) until they're sold out. The digital edition will remain available indefinitely. Therefore, the listing is good for a long time!

8. How is payment handled? / Once you've provided your information via the online form, we will send you an invoice via paypal.

9. What dates will the issue that the Resource Guide is in be available? / The Resource Guide will appear in ISSUE 04 which will be released at the end of June.