So THIS is forty. 

photo by Feuza Reis

photo by Feuza Reis

Forty is supposed to be big, right? Since my birthday is so close to the holidays, it is really hard to schedule anything. So we're going to have to celebrate big with Belong. 

My gift to you on this big day is...$40 birthday bundles!


There are some serious savings to be had here, but only for today. 

and one more thing...

TODAY ONLY, we are offering 40% off of ad placements for 2017. You must email me at for this special. 


FULL PAGE AD / $900 (reg. $1,500)

FEATURED FINDS PAGE / $150 (reg. $250)

RESOURCE GUIDE  / $90-$150 (reg. $150-250)

MARKET GUIDE / $150 (reg. $250)

Or check out all of our options here (pricing here). 

Email me TODAY! 

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