Spread Goodness & Bloom

Our ISSUE 01 printable is here! Kelsey Lemons of She In the Making provided this beauty in honor of The Yellow Conference for which this a motto. 

We'd love to tell you about Kelsey, because she is a a girl you want to know... She is a freelance artist specializing in photography, hand & brush lettering, and micro-blogging.

"I love collaborating with brands, artists, and people with a vision that makes their hearts beat faster." - Kelsey Lemons

She finds it a joy and honor to create things that lift others up. The desire she has for her work, and for her life, is always to inspire and to encourage.

"By nature, I believe we are all drawn to light. Being an artist, and even more specifically a believer in Christ, I seek that light and have the desire to be able to share it with others in any form possible. I see this, my gifts and my passions, as such an opportunity to share this creativity in love. The things that light up my life are my savior, loved ones, truth and reflection, sweet tea, fresh florals, and sources of light and encouragement." - Kelsey Lemons

When she is away from her creative pursuits, you’ll likely find her indulging in new foods, starting a dance party, or adding something to her excessive snapchat story. She would love to connect with you! You can find her at She In The Making or email her at .

Belong Magazine is so thankful for Kelsey's breathtaking contribution to this issue. 

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