Community is at the heart of Belong. Connecting women to one another in meaningful ways on and off-line--pretty much in the same manner that we connected with Jasmine of Handsome Lucy. It was so organic that we don't remember the specifics. But we clearly recall that Handsome Lucy was one of the first on board to support Belong, and we were thrilled at how our missions coincided. 

I picked up my first shirt "Be Uniquely You" at The Influence Conference this fall. Recently, Jasmine sent me a "pick-me-up" box with a new shirt--AND ONE TO SHARE! And I'm thrilled to be able to give it to someone in the Belong Community. These shirts are fabulous--comfy and soft and everything a t-shirt should be! You'll definitely want your own. You can find the whole unique collection here.

Contest runs from Monday through Wednesday. Winner will be announced here and on Instagram. You can enter through the website or through the Facebook page.