Flat Lay Props

If you are a female creative and/or entrepreneur, you know the importance of good images. And not just any kind of image, flat lay photos have become a staple for many women running their own businesses--for instagram, for blog posts, for pinterest and product shots. So where do you get your hands on some of these adorable props that you see around the web? I'm going to share a few of my fave sources and props with you here.

favorite flat lay prop sources


The Dollar Spot does it every single time. There are so many fun props from stationary to party supplies to seasonal goodies. And, bonus, everything is $5 or under.


There are so many fun and colorful items to be found at The Ink Road. You'll find the items pictured above (skeleton clips, teardrop clips and those sweet travel scissors), washi tape and unique, colorful paper that could add a pop to any photo.

flat lay props for female creatives and entrepreneurs perfect for blog posts, instagram posts, pinterest pins, and more.


I think this may be my absolute favorite source for props (and many other things) because the prices are amazing and I don't have actually have to leave the house. And, if you have prime, you get free 2-day shipping on most items (try prime for free for 30 days HERE). You can even grab office supplies like paper which is a pain to haul home. It's like heaven! 

washi tape  /  marble bowl  /  scissors set  /  tassel  /  polka dot notebook  /  brass number set  /  green moleskine notebooks  /  clip set  /  colored pencils  /  faux air plants  /  folding tape measure  /  black + white pencils  /  hand-held stapler  /  twine  /  black ruler  /  sharpies  / green marble notebook  /  black + white striped ribbon  /  pantone postcards  /  gold scissors  /  gold stapler  /  keyboard  /  faux succulents  /  foam board  /  presentation board

marbled notebooks   /   pencils   /   pencil holder


Modcloth has some of the most unique and fun items around, such as the ones pictured above:  marbled notebooks  /  pencils  /  pencil holder  / unicorn pencil holder. They also have some pretty fun clothing and jewelry items too, while you're there.

There are tons of other great sources, but I'd love to hear where you get your favorite flat lay props. Leave your source in the comments. 

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