How an Imaginary BFF Could Transform Your Business

I knew from the very beginning that this was going to drive my business, so I immediately honed in on my new BFF: Elizabeth.

Some people call them avatars, some call them ideal clients.

I call her Elizabeth.

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Elizabeth is my imaginary friend that helps me make business decisions. She’s the best and most loyal friend I’ve ever had. She is always around! Which is why I created her—so I would always have a reference point for who my ideal customer/client/audience is.

Would you like to meet Elizabeth?

WELL.....OKAY..... (wink wink)

She is the typical Belong Magazine reader. Between 18-45, she is a mom, friend, fashionista, entrepreneur, homemaker, wife, student, volunteer, crafter, cook, career woman and much much more. She is a creative soul (or wants to be), always multi-tasking. Her workspace is overrun with different projects she is managing, but usually displays a fresh bouquet—preferably peonies. She is interested in design and fashion and she likes to stay current. This philosophy applies to music as well. She believes in getting dressed every morning which usually includes makeup (at least some lipstick--though pants are optional), not because she feels pressured or cares what other people think, but because she cares how she feels about herself. It’s not uncommon to find her in heels when she’s working at home or wearing a dress to the grocery store. Though time is limited, she loves to read (the classics, but secretly loves chick lit too) and a plethora of magazines, and is addicted to netflix and hulu. She is smart, savvy and also knows the value of high quality–such as a great bag with provenance that will last. She is health conscious but not consumed; she exercises regularly, but her treats are a must (ice cream anyone?). Family and friends, with whom she adores laughing, call her “Elle”. She also enjoys meaningful connections with like-minded women. She considers herself a hospitable homebody, doesn’t dream of exotic vacations, but would rather go on a date to dinner and a movie (though, she admits, the buzz of NYC does appeal to her). It’s not uncommon to find her online, shopping or scouring pinterest for style tips, chic decor finds, business advice and pretty, everyday solutions to managing it all. She carries a beverage with her everywhere—coffee, water, soda, tea, etc…because it keeps her hands busy when it’s inappropriate to be on her phone, which Elizabeth doesn’t go anywhere without. How else would she stay current on instagram?!  Or anything else for that matter! Because of her many interests and responsibilities, she often feels lost in the traditional stereotypes and just wants to find place where she belongs.

Of course, she has her own pinterest board if you'd like to get to know her a little better. 

Okay, so I know that in reality not every customer is going to fit into this elaborate persona that I’ve created. I know that not every point of interest (or contention) will be applicable to every reader of Belong. However, I do know that most of you reading this can relate to Elizabeth in some way. Am I right?

Just like a brand board can help you with your visual presence, having an “imaginary business BFF” can help you with your decision making on a day-to-day basis. What would she like? What would she do? What does she need to hear or read or see?

Are you ready to make friends with your new imaginary biz BFF? Use this worksheet to help you hone in on who she is.

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