Five Ways to Build Trust Through Your Brand


As relentless innovation continues to birth new brands and ideas, establishing lasting connectivity with a client vitally changes the game for business owners.

Among other great strategies, consistency builds trust with any given community; and trust is the fundamental factor people search for within their decision making process.

When you go about starting a fresh brand or new business, people want to feel something real. As hustling business owners, it’s easy to place value in the logistics and numbers; of course, you desire the levels of success that will create better opportunities in the future. However, in order to create an impact through your brand, people need to get to know you--the real you.

Since people want to feel connection with a community rather than a price tag, it is vital to curate human touch through the pages of any website, social media link or other branding platform.

By utilizing the following practices, your business can flourish in a way that benefits the world around you in a powerful way.

5 ways to build trust with your brand as featured on the belong magazine blog - for female entrepreneurs and creatives


First and foremost, build trust through your brand by starting an authentic conversation.

In an age where the superficiality of mass media can be deafening, a genuine spirit comforts any listening ear. At times, tools such as Internet and social media easily provoke a sense of altering reality. We see images and immediately compare ourselves--instead of simply being inspired.

With this in mind, create a language within your platforms that refrains from the typical, cookie-cutter phrases. People long to hear a voice that is different and nuanced. Avoid copying other companies’ verbiage; instead, get creative and craft the messages your way.

Your perspective is timeless and needs to be heard.


With authenticity, vulnerability is a vital open door for people to identify with your brand.

People crave community--one that relates to their every day battles and successes. No one wants to feel alone in the process.

Curate a weekly post or social campaign that allows for people to hear more about the daily struggles or wins your brand is experiencing. In doing this, you are giving a personal touch to your brand.

Back in the early 2000's, Dove began to create a space for women who used their products to be vulnerable. Through social media campaigns and promotional videos, people began to dive into to Dove products because of its open conversation on female insecurities. To this day, Dove powerfully promotes vulnerability, and guess what? People trust the brand.


In addition to authenticity and vulnerability, remain consistent in your message.

If a brand begins to constantly change its name, its message or its motives, people quickly lose interest and start doubting your durability.

The world changes at a rapid speed on a daily basis. From methods to trends, the popularity of a company or product is susceptible to experience various changes throughout its business. However, make known the brand’s values and let everything you do stem out from those same values.



The heart of a business matters more than a business’s product.



The public trusts a brand who chooses to stay consistent in their reputation and in their values. The name of your brand should reflect its value, and if you maintain reliability, people will trust the name you have worked hard to create.


Amongst those strategic steps, avoid being stagnant.

Make goals that will exceed the typical five-year plan. Don’t choose to plan for the year; build out the year to set you up for the years to come. Let people know that your brand is always up to something.

When you have an unquenchable drive to grow, you will excel at whatever you set your mind to.

Author, John C. Maxwell says, “Growth is the great separator between those who succeed and those who do not.”

Remaining in the same place you were ten years ago will not only fail to advance your brand, but it will fail to grow for the benefit of the world. People will trust your brand when your passion shows its plan for longevity.


Finally, choose to make your brand relevant.

Communications plays such an essential role in the creation and execution of a brand.

Once you have established a strong mission statement and plan of action, begin to brainstorm ways to develop a voice that speaks to the audience of today. Although old methods can be appreciated, brands build credibility by acknowledging the times and producing outlets that convey relevant content and practical messages.

People aren’t looking for you to solve a problem from ten years ago, but rather, they want to know why you’re brand benefits them personally in the modern day. Gather research studies that provide information to help evaluate your audience’s preferences of reach.




Trust is a timeless attribute and to gain it from others is a privilege. As humans called to impact humans, it is important to be intentional and build the brand from grassroots to ensure its future.

Choose to be yourself in the journey. Don’t ride on someone else’s idea; start your own. People love the weight of creativity and will give anything to be part of it. Each one of us has the opportunity to build community out of a dream that lies within our heart.

Take your brand and dream big. When you value people in the process, the reward is greater than what is ever imagined.

Victoria Bardega is a freelance editor, photographer and writer currently residing in her home state of Florida. She completed her Bachelors of Science in Public Relations/Journalism at Southeastern University. She has previously interned for successful publications, such as Darling Magazine and The Letter Magazine. She also avidly travels with a love for community, exploring culture and indulging in culinary finds.
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