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In an effort to share more, provide more resources and encourage and inspire you, I thought regular "stay in the loop" post might be good. So here goes! 

The topic of diversity has been swirling around a lot lately, and I've been spending a lot of time thinking about it as well as talking about it with friends in the creative community--discussing what "true community" is and how to achieve it. This note that Reina of Reina and Co. sent out a couple of weeks ago struck me. It was helpful for me as I've been preparing for my presentation for the Shine Brighter Together summit next week.

Speaking of which, don't miss the chance to be part Shine Brighter Together. January 16-18, 2017. Online.

Every day that you serve and support in your community is an opportunity to make a long-lasting impact that can truly change the world. I know that as hard as you already work, you desire to make a bigger and brighter difference in the world around you. I know that you see how divided our world is and that you want to be involved in making meaningful change. And that doesn’t happen because of social media followers or a beautiful website alone (those things are important too), but by actively being involved in building real community.

Join me for this FREE conference dedicated to just this: building true community through workshops on personal and professional development. 

Our Friday faves from the #youbelong stream on instagram. You can find all the details here

This week's favorite resource is none other than our own collaborative effort with Holly Meyer Design -- The Belong Boss Toolbox which is full of 50 resources designed for the creative entrepreneur. 

Are you part of the Savvy Business community? It's a really fun and encouraging bunch of lady entrepreneurs. This last week, they had an instagram challenge and these are some of my favorite new #savvybusinessbesties. (get details here)

For this introvert, community can be tough. I talked about it a bit on the Creative Empire Podcast here

What are your favorite ways to be in community, whether online or off?

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