If You Cannot Find Your Brand Identity, How Will People Find Your Brand?


"Personal Branding is all about your unique promise of value and what you bring to the table. It’s (also) about getting your potential clients to choose you as the only solution to their problem."
– Dr. Sarah David

Defining your brand is so important. You want to be the solution to their problem. Whether you offer a product, perform a service or write a blog, your potential client, customer or follower needs to be able to connect to your brand immediately.

You have a very limited amount of time to get them to resonate with you and everything about you. Actually, about 20 seconds. When you are starting a new business or trying to revamp yours, there is so much to do. Your website, name, logos, products, mission statements, etc. Every day I work with female entrepreneurs to help them do just that, connect with their audience in a meaningful and intentional way.

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Let’s talk about five ways you can start developing your brand right now, so you can grab your ideal customer’s interest at first glance.

1. Define your core business values.

Stay true to yourself and do not try to be someone or something you are not. Your readers and potential clients want you to be transparent and genuine. If you are an introvert with a low-key business, do not try to make your brand loud with neon colors and crazy font. Match your brand to who and what you are. Be believable and transparent.

2. Note your big picture.

Your short and long term business and life goals are imperative. Do not just jump into something without taking the time to plan it out. Knowing these dreams and goals will help you with your branding and your message. You cannot chase a moving target so give yourself something to work for.

3. Start small.

It is okay to keep things simple at first, as long as what you do take on makes the most sense at the time for your business. You can always add on later as you become more confident and secure in your brand.

4. Get it right the first time.

It is okay to start small, but let’s make sure that what you do is needed and in line with your brand. The most critical areas of focus would be your niche, ideal client, your why and your message. If you can sell that within 20 seconds of someone landing on your home page, then you are golden! Use some emotion in your tagline, draw them in with your message. make them fall in love with you instantly!

5. Your name.

This tip should probably be listed first. Your brand and your business, what will you call it? Can the chosen name withstand the test of time? It needs to. Your name, website, and branding have to be relevant and real. All of this may take some time to pin down. If you are a service based business then using your name would be the wise recommendation. That is why you see a lot of people using their full name as their brand. It is evident, it is you, and it makes sense. Products and blogs are different and may require a lot of creativity to pin down the perfect name. Just make sure it is short and relevant.

Some of my favorite brands describe all of the tips above. They POP, they grab you, and you feel a connection right away. Here are some examples of my absolute favorite websites and brands that embody all of the points we have discussed today.

Nikki Ellegde Brown nails it at Nikkie Lledgebrown

Stock photos and membership site Haute Chocolate

Love this one, the colors, the message and more wonderlass

Who doesn't love Chip and Joanna? Love their simple boutique website Magnolia Market

Fem City has a direct message! Femcity

Very simple and easy message to fall for right away at Elle and Company Design

Megan Martin has a sweet and easy to follow website at Megan Martin

All of these brands speak clearly and directly to YOU, their ideal client. The colors, the format and the messaging of the brand is prominent. So where do you stand with your brand and business? Take some time to reflect and make changes where needed. And remember that selling your business within the first 20 seconds is critical to gaining and keeping customers and followers!

Vanessa is the CEO and founder of Vanessa Kromer Female Entrepreneur Life and Success Coaching. As a certified life and success coach, Vanessa helps hundreds of women tackle their goals and dream big daily. She is a fashion-forward self-made entrepreneur who loves to motivate and encourage other women to succeed and crush goals. She is a born leader and speaker with an energetic and fun personality! In addition to individual and group coaching, she uses her coaching skills as the Divisional Merchandise Manager for Chloe + Isabel NYC, where she leads, manages, and trains hundreds of women. Vanessa has a gift for bringing out the qualities deep inside the women she works with, qualities they did not even know existed. She is known for the ultimate in positive reinforcement, yet transparent coaching. Her genuine care for her clients and her level of professionalism keeps her customers coming back for more. Vanessa is very involved in ministry and charity work during her free time. She also enjoys styling jewelry. Vanessa is always seeking new and innovative ways to build her brand, including ways to help encourage other leaders and entrepreneurs.

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