4 Reasons You Need Belong Magazine ISSUE 03

Technically, there are hundreds of reasons that you need Belong Magazine ISSUE 03, but we thought we'd narrow it down to four really good ones.

Ready?! (drumrolllll....) Here they are:

4. It is the only magazine on the market designed specifically for women bloggers, social media mavens and entrepreneurs. 

3. You will get information that you can put to use immediately from biz tips to inspiration to community opportunities. The content is amazing and relevant. It is curated just to suit you and written by women with hearts who want to inspire and encourage you. You can see the full list of features and contributors here

2. It's so pretty! The design, images and layout are thoughtfully executed. The print edition consists of soft, satin finish pages that won't disintegrate with a drip of coffee. It's a piece you'll want to keep on your reference shelf or coffee table.

1. Our mission means something.

Belong Magazine celebrates the art and community of blogging, social media and entrepreneurship. In all that we do, we desire for women to use their passions for a purpose, to inspire women to be authentic, to be life-giving and to encourage one another. We want women to know that they are enough, that they matter and that they have a place. They belong. 

Community is the soul of Belong Magazine which is why we have created a space to highlight some of the amazing resources - networks, conferences, other bloggers and businesswomen, etc... The world wide web is exactly that - a gigantic, messy mass of roads through which it is incredibly hard to find any destination, especially if you don't know what you're looking for. Belong Magazine hopes to be the map - or at least the navigation system. To create. To connect. To encourage. To inspire. So that women can find a place where they belong.

Are you ready to get your copy now?

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