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In October of 2013, nothing seemed to feel right; I felt a little bit like a stranger in my own skin--I was normally a very happy person, but I was having a hard time shaking the low I was feeling.

I had utterly and completely lost my passion and drive for my business.

The thought of closing up shop was scary--was it even worth the risk to pursue something so unknown? How could I turn my back on a thriving business to follow a passion when that business paid my family’s bills?


And what WAS that passion?

I gave myself a deadline and in those days I dug deep. I looked at my life from all different angles and crafted my personal mission statement.

Taking the time to be still, listen to my inner voice, and let my mission guide me made all the difference.

I decided to open inkWELL Press--a company that designs organizational products focused around productivity and planning. It wasn’t enough, though, just to offer products. To fulfill my mission, I knew there had to be a part of the business that centered around education--teaching others how to find their own priorities and helping them create their own productivity systems.

Everything I offered, designed, or created had to be filtered through that goal.

I would create a laser-focused brand centered around my vision.

The only catch? I was not a designer. This was yet another hurdle to overcome. But I was emboldened by my mission statement. Yes, it took ten times longer to create that first planner, but I loved every minute. Even when I felt lost or didn’t know what I was doing, I knew I was following the path I was meant to follow.

And that’s where I am today.

I’ve continued to grow and expand beyond planners. Now I have a podcast, courses and even a community centered around that mission.

And most importantly? I spend each day following my passion, waking up feeling excited for each and every day.

Tonya Dalton is the founder + CEO of inkWELL Press® and the host of Productivity Paradox™ podcast. /

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