We hit the "send" button, and ISSUE 07 is officially at the printer.

While they're working their magic, we'll take this time to share with you all the goodness that is in store for ISSUE 07 of Belong Magazine--just how we are going to celebrate the art and community of blogging, social media and entrepreneurship?!

Let's start with the theme. We asked you all a while back what you would like to see and this topic was mentioned repeatedly. 


care + collaboration

It's a good one, isn't it?! There is so much that we could cover with these two words--enough to fill up multiple issues. We try to use our themes as a jumping off point and hold them loosely in how they manifest themselves in the features. In this instance, care translated into caring for clients and customers, caring for your business and caring for yourself. You see how good this is getting?! 

Belong Magazine ISSUE 07

Look at this cover!

We hope you love it as much as we do. The photographer is Sarah Atkinson of Moments Defined Photography and the model is Cyndie Spiegel, business coach, speaker and the founder of The Collective (of Us). The shot was taken at The Saguaro in Palm Springs at the BLINK! Conference which you'll also find featured in ISSUE 07. It just makes us happy--as we hot it makes you as well. 

When it comes to the pages, we are beyond grateful to our contributors, women (and a couple of men) who are laying out their expertise just for you, to support you, encourage you and enable you to be the entrepreneur you always dreamt you could be--and they make the magazine look pretty too which is a total bonus.

Here is who you will find in ISSUE 07 (in no certain order). Don't worry, I'll let you know what they'll be sharing about soon too. I just love stringing you along a little. (wink wink)

  • Tiffany Tolliver, The Emma Rose Agency

  • Kamari Chelsea

  • Ari Krzyzek, Chykalophia

  • Jessica Stansberry, Hey Jessica LLC

  • Meg Clarke, Clapping Dog Media

  • Kimberly Murray

  • Rebecca Shostak,

  • Dana Bucy Miller, DM Law, LLC

  • Bailey T. Hurley

  • Cyndie Spiegel, The Collective (of Us)

  • Christina Scalera

  • Vanessa Kromer, Vanessa Kromer Female Entrepreneur Success and Life Coaching

  • Mallika Malhotra, Mikifoto + Co.

  • Ben + Joella Photography

  • Flowers at Will

  • Laura Tully Co.

  • Blush by Jamie Rose

  • Zhanna Tsytsyn-Hamadeh, Ames and Oates

  • Teresa Lieh

  • Samantha Johnson and Megan Lusher, Covelle

  • LaTasha Haynes, BLINK! Conference

  • Jenn Jett Sprinkle, The Well Studio

  • Arielle Estoria

  • Joanna Waterfall, Yellow Co.

  • Juliana Cardosos, Ink + Nibs Calligraphy

  • Photography by: Sarah Atkinson of Moments Defined Photography, Cacá Santoro, Leah Michelle Photography, Kirth Bobb, Joshua Dwain, White Quill Creative, Brian Ramos, Anna Mileya, Shaina Lieh, Stacy Pierce, Sabrina Hill, Laura Neff, Rachel Rouhana of Haute Chocolate, Kim Friesland, Luna Bear Studios, Wojoimage Photography, Ashley Bing Photography

  • AND a stellar Resource Guide with hundreds of services and products ideal for the busy entrepreneur (yes, that's you!)

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