The Minted Artist Community

meet minted.

Minted is a design marketplace connecting you with the world’s best artists to create something one-of-a-kind. Minted’s unique, crowdsourcing model represents a modern marketplace--one where the community decides which goods are showcased and sold. This model ensures fresh, on-trend designs sourced from independent artists from around the world are continuously added. The public votes in monthly competitions to decide what Minted produces, guaranteeing that the finished products are in high-demand and well-received by consumers.

Minted enables its global community of artists, designers and photographers to create original work, providing an operations platform that handles all manufacturing, fulfillment and customer service. This allows creative people to focus on their creative pursuits while Minted handles the rest.

The artist community that Minted has created is what truly sets them apart. We are pleased to feature four of their talented artists who are also avid bloggers. These women are perfect examples of what Minted’s artist community is all about.

All of this is why we are delighted to partner with Minted and feature four of their artists who are also entrepreneurs and bloggers in ISSUE 04.  In the magazine, you'll find interviews with all four artists where they talk about where they started, what their first submission to Minted was, what their favorite piece with Minted is, and so on.  

the minted artist community - featured in Belong Magazine ISSUE 04

Who is the woman behind it all? Mariam Naficy, Founder and CEO of Minted, Mariam Naficy is a pioneer of consumer internet business. She invented Minted’s crowdsourced and curated marketplace model with the mission of building an e-commerce platform that continuously offers fresh good across limitless categories. We approve!

the minted artist community

Minted supports the personal development, creativity and careers of the best, independent artists in the world. Who defines "best”? They have built meritocracy to uncover exceptional, creative talent as objectively as possible. They pride themselves on eliminating bias.

They are enablers, not deciders, by allowing the community itself to curate designs, but they don't see themselves as the sole arbiters of good taste. They don't adulterate designs or curtail artistic expression. They ensure that the integrity of an artist's vision is preserved from beginning to end. They are there as advocates and supporters of artists completely apart from the commercial aspect of Minted.

express yourself

Minted’s challenges are the place to let your creativity shine—you're free to push boundaries and create work that's uniquely you. Submit artwork and use Minted as a testing ground for new ideas.

critique and vote

Minted is an open, creative experience. You can request and receive valuable peer critiques. Anyone can comment and vote on the submissions, as well as watch events unfold.

your vision, brought to life

Winning designs are sold on Minted. Minted makes and ships all products. Artists receive a portion of every sale, and winners earn a “store” where they can launch and sell designs using the Minted fulfillment platform.

Being part of the Minted community is not about the money. It is about personal development, the freedom to create what you want, the thrill of your vision being validated by peers and finding its ways into the hands of customers, and meeting others who can help you grow and thrive. It's about building your own brand and business. And finally, it's about helping your fellow artists.

Go to to submit your work and find out more about their amazing community.

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