How to Deal with Post-Project Depression

Have you ever finished a project you've worked so long and hard on and found yourself in a complete funk when you should be feeling on top of the world? Have you poured your heart into something in order to feel like it's a complete let down? If you're reading this, I can bet the answer is "yes."

With ISSUE 03 just released, we're feeling a little of the post-project blues ourselves. Here's how we're dealing with it and how you can too!

  1. REVEL IN THE MOMENT. Do something to celebrate! Pamper yourself a bit--get your nails done, go out with friends, take a nap--whatever floats your boat. Mark the moment. Don't let it pass without any fanfare. This is a big deal! 
  2. RE-FOCUS. Does it feel like no one else cares or sees what you've done. Keep your focus on the accomplishment--YOU DID IT! Not only did you start a project but you finished it. Do you know how big that is?!
  3. REMEMBER why you started. Most likely, you didn't do it to become famous (though that's not necessarily a bad thing, if you did). You did it because it was important to you. That "why" is the same "why" that will keep you going onto the next thing.
  4. RELEASE. You're only human, and humans feel things. Release yourself from the guilt of feeling let down and depressed. It's okay to feel the feelings, but don't stay there.
  5. REST. Take a deep breath. You worked hard. You poured your heart into something and that can be physically and emotionally taxing.
  6. REFILL. Be sure to stay inspired. Whether that's by being in community or reading or adventuring...whatever. Soak it in for a while instead of always pouring out.
  7. RESTART. Now it's time to do it all over again! Keep telling your story, keep making your art, keep doing what it is that you do.

Even if you're depressed, don't be too discouraged. Remember that you are enough, you matter, you have a place. YOU BELONG.

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