Are You an Influencer?

I already know that you have influence. That's a no brainer. You are out there changing the world in your own way, every single day. 

But are you a Belong Influencer? Should you be? Could you be? 

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What is a Belong Influencer?

Belong Influencers are like the ultimate cheerleaders for the brand, its mission and its products. Influencers are individuals who believe in Belong, who want to support Belong and want to see it become a sustainable business.

We've broken it down like this:


  • Cheerleader of all things Belong!

  • Further promotion of Belong products through social media platforms, blog posts, and word of mouth.

  • Reach new businesses and customers.

  • Be discovered by audiences who have yet to hear of Belong.
  • A sustainable business!

*For each influencer opportunity you choose to be a part of, Belong would expect two instagram posts, two twitter posts, and two facebook posts (and anything else you are willing to do).


  • Have a voice in the Belong brand--what products we offer and businesses we partner with.

  • First to view and receive new products.*

  • Free and discounted products.*

  • Free shipping.

  • $25 for each new stockist referred and acquired.

  • $25 for each new advertiser referred and acquired.

  • A great feeling that you’ve helped a small business make it!

Is this something that you're interested in? If you are a leader of the pack, if people look to you for advice and tips, if you have the ability to help us grow, then we want to hear from you. Apply by clicking the button below.

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