Shelf Help

We asked what we could do better. You answered.

Be more accessible.

We totally heard you. And we are working on it.


A little "shelf help," as a matter of fact. And with our next issue headed to the printer soon, NOW is the time to get things in order to be sure that Belong is stocked in as many locations as possible. 

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We know you are all connected and totally know all the hot spots that would be ideal for Belong.

So.......can you hook us up?

And there is totally something in it for you. Here's how it works:

  1. Email with the contact name and email of a potential stockist (for those of you who don't know that term, it means someone who sells the magazine in their shop).
  2. We will follow-up, emailing the contact. If they agree to stock Belong...
  3. YOU WIN! You get a free, one-year digital subscription to Belong. A little shelf help for some self help? Sounds like a pretty good exchange, doesn't it?

Pretty easy, right? So get to it!

Email and help us make Belong accessible to more and more women across the country...and the world!

(If you want to see who currently stocks the magazine, check out our list here.)

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