Our Door Is Open! Come on in.

Our door is open! And we'd love for you to come on in!

I've shared about the advertising side of things on social media of late. I will be honest, it is not in my wheelhouse of expertise or ability--I'm not a sales person. And ad sales is definitely not where my heart is at.

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But ads/sponsorships in Belong Magazine do several things: 

  1. Sponsorships with Belong Magazine provide valuable resources to our audience and readership. This connection often goes far beyond the service or product being promoted and leads to real-life connections. 
  2. Sponsorships with Belong Magazine provide a platform for businesses (big and small) to get in front of a large group of influential women who are changing the world--AND to get on the shelves of Barnes & Noble stores across the country. 
  3. Sponsorships with Belong Magazine help sustain the magazine itself and allow us to continue producing a publication packed with valuable, curated content that women all over the world are craving.
  4. Sponsorships with Belong Magazine help grow the Belong community which is changing lives in powerful ways. 

Let me share a few words from some of our readers: 

"You have put together a beautiful piece of art that is full of real people with great advice and fun topics. You have filled me with confidence to keep going. I am still early in the development of my website and the chapters of my story, but today I feel blessed and like I belong here." - Christina

"I absolutely LOVE this magazine! Beautiful content and design."  - Anjelica

"Thank you for being a source of encouragement in my life. Thank you for reminding me that I belong, that my life has purpose and meaning, that my voice matters, and that I matter." - Sabrina

"You have put together such thoughtfully curated content--it is encouraging, inspiring, extremely helpful, and delivered in such a stunning way!" - Jackie


Community is at the heart of Belong Magazine.

We want to "open doors" for our readers and sponsors alike--linking women together as they influence the world through blogging, business and social media. This is the platform we strive to create for our sponsors which enables them to effectively connect with our readership, encouraging the readers to share with their own audiences. 

We are committed to having our sponsors be more than just money in the bank. We strive to connect women to brands that are valuable to them and dedicated to the same things that we are: connecting, inspiring and supporting one another.

Are you preparing your business for 2017? So are we!

 We want to be included in your plans! And we want to include you in our plans. We know budgets are being arranged and we don't want you to miss this chance to be part of our continuing growth. We have released special pre-2017 sponsorship rates that are only good through the end of October. There are opportunities for multi-platform and/or multi-issue participation with a significant discount. We love to customize packages so let us create one to fit your needs.

Email brooke@belong-mag.com and book the reduced rates while they are here.

Together, let's make 2017 a year full of growth.