prime time

We are getting down to the wire with gift getting. There are only two more weeks until Christmas! I don't know about you, but I am always forgetting someone and need to get something last minute. And not just for the holiday season, I forget all the time! 

You know what saves me? Amazon Prime!

I've had my Amazon Prime membership for well over 10 years and it has WAY paid off. With it's free UNLIMITED 2-day shipping, it makes it such a no brainer to order gifts, office supplies and more from the convenience of your desk while your working, if need be. PLUS there are tons of movies, tv shows and music that you can stream for free. 

paper / paper clips / brass clips / notebook / hydroflask / plant container / stapler / green stapler / air plants / domino book / in the company of women

Among my recent (and regular) Amazon purchases are printer paper (who wants to carry that from the store to the car into the house?!) and other office supplies, props for photoshoots, books/music/movies (of course), and lots and lots (and lots) of gifts (which I can ship directly to the giftee if I choose). The prices are often better than anywhere else, and with free shipping, why not avoid the hassle of going to the store? And did you know you can also buy groceries on Amazon!? I know. CRAZY! 

With only two weeks left before the big day, this is a great opportunity to try out the 30-day FREE trial of PRIME and take advantage of the quick, free shipping. You're seriously going to love it. 

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