How to Determine Your ROI On Your Business + Your Life


When I say ROI, I am referring to many things. Not just money spent or time spent BUT everything related to your home life and work life. What kind of return are you getting? Is your time worth it? Has it paid off?

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As busy female entrepreneurs, WAHM’s and creatives, we need to make the most of our time. I am always coaching women on how they spend their time in their business. Are they mindful of their tasks? Are they spending quality time with their family and friends? Are they always in a hurry? Eating on the run every day? Failing at relationships? Fighting with loved ones? Crabby at work?

Sound familiar?

We need to take a long hard look at your ROI. Your ROI on your home life, how is it spent, how does it feel, what emotions does it give you? 

What about your job or business? Is it thriving? Are you spinning in circles? Getting nothing accomplished? Killing it day after day? Happy as pie?

Here’s The Deal:

Your ROI is everything to you and your life. You need to be happy in all avenues of your life for it all to work out. So let’s take a look at where you stand now.

You need to value your time spent at home FIRST. Your family life and home life need to be a priority. You can make this happen by being intentional with your time and activities. Using your time wisely. You need to look at how your work day is spent. Are you making the most of your time? Maybe you are doing something that is a waste, or a bad ROI for your business. Key into what you need to do and what works.

Let me give you some hypotheticals.

Woman #1 /

She has a busy career outside of the home. Her kids are in school full time, and her husband also works. She leaves right from dropping the kids at school each morning. Her ride to school is rushed and spent trying to make the kids eat on the go during the ride. No time for a good meal before leaving. Woman #1 gets to her job and is already exhausted; it is only 9 am. She works tirelessly all through the day, meetings, appointments, calls, paperwork and more. She accomplishes a lot every day at work. She is doing all of the right things to be successful at work. She leaves at 4 pm and picks her kids up at 5 pm. They drive home while chatting in the car. At home, the kids try to start homework, but they cannot find a snack, no groceries to be found. Woman #1 is on the treadmill now trying to get a workout in, her kids are hungry and tired, starting to get crabby. After her workout she makes dinner. No snack for the kids. Oh well. Now Dad is home for dinner, and he can talk with the kids and visit. They eat and clean up the dishes together. Kids finish their homework and play for a bit in their rooms. Woman #1 showers and rests on the couch for awhile before the kids head to bed. Her husband is watching a movie. Kids go to bed and parents both read in bed. Then they start all over again in the morning.

What do you notice? Did she accomplish a lot at work right? She was successful at work. But her kids were rushed, hungry and tired. On top of that, she did not spend much time with her kids or her husband.

Would this work for you? I would venture to say her ROI is not working so well. She needs to look at how she spends her time at home with her family. How about this scenario instead?

Woman #2 /

She wakes up early to work out in her room before the kids wake up for school. She can do a 30-minute workout and shower before they wake up. She is dressed and ready, making a nice breakfast with the kids before they leave. She sits and eats with them, and they discuss their plans for after-school. On the way to school she sings and laughs with her kids on the way, she sent them off happy and fed well. Woman#2 proceeds to work and has a productive day. She heads to pick the kids up at 5 pm and stops with them at the market to pick up some great items for a fun dinner. They get home and do their homework at the kitchen table while she prepares dinner. Dad gets home just in time to sit all together for a meal. They talk, visit and laugh together as a family. The kids run upstairs while mom and dad do dishes together and catch up on their days. They both decide to wash up after a long day of work and visit some more while she takes a nice bath and he showers. The whole family watches a short movie together before bed. They all go to bed and start over in the morning.

What do you notice here? Same scenario, but with a different ROI. They spend their time intentionally. They make an effort to be together as a family and as a couple. It may seem silly, but so often, we see the first scenario with woman #1. Everything is rushed, and everyone is tired.

For your entire ROI to work, you need to be intentional and purposeful. Whether you are single, married, have a family or not. Working from home, part time or a 9-5, your ROI must be a priority. We need a balance. The happiest and most successful people got to be the way they are because they were happy in ALL aspects of their lives. And to be happy, everything must be cohesive and running smoothly.

Use this FREE printable to help you take a good look at where you are today. How do you feel about where you stand? Are your time and ROI spot on? Or do you feel as if you need to make some changes? We all can improve, there is no doubt about that. We need to make time for ourselves too. 

Vanessa is the CEO and founder of Vanessa Kromer Female Entrepreneur Life and Success Coaching. As a certified life and success coach, Vanessa helps hundreds of women tackle their goals and dream big daily. She is a fashion-forward self-made entrepreneur who loves to motivate and encourage other women to succeed and crush goals. She is a born leader and speaker with an energetic and fun personality! In addition to individual and group coaching, she uses her coaching skills as the Divisional Merchandise Manager for Chloe + Isabel NYC, where she leads, manages, and trains hundreds of women. Vanessa has a gift for bringing out the qualities deep inside the women she works with, qualities they did not even know existed. She is known for the ultimate in positive reinforcement, yet transparent coaching. Her genuine care for her clients and her level of professionalism keeps her customers coming back for more. Vanessa is very involved in ministry and charity work during her free time. She also enjoys styling jewelry. As a wife and mother of 5 daughters, her hands are always full. Vanessa is always seeking new and innovative ways to build her brand, including ways to help encourage other leaders and entrepreneurs.

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