How to Connect with Clients via Instagram


Social media is all about connecting and building community! You have an Instagram account and now it’s time to use it to the fullest. What I love about Instagram is how I am able to not only connect to friends but also clients, future clients and also others in my industry. Below I have five ways to build your connections, share about yourself and grow on Instagram!

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1. Share passions other than your business /

One of the main reasons to follow others through social media is to learn more! This doesn’t always need to be about your business, it can be about you and your passions. Do you love to bake? Share that! Love to dabble in watercolor painting? Show your journey! Sharing your passions are a great way to have clients and future clients become comfortable with you and to connect through common interests. Finding out someone else loves the same things as you is always exciting- and you instantly feel more connected (even without meeting face to face).

2. Share a glimpse into your life /

What are you doing from day to day and where are you spending your time? Do you have little ones at home that you are coloring with around the table? Maybe you have some furry friends and you like to take long walks. This is also a great way to share your studio, home or work space. Clients love to see where you are working, and your space and home can show a lot about you. Maybe you have a beautiful planner you use to organize your schedule and jobs, or your desk is filled with framed inspirational quotes. If you invite clients to your space they will love to see where they are going before even setting up an appointment. It’s also an important way to help them feel more relaxed and comfortable when they do come in to see you.

3. Share your adventures 

What better way to connect with others than sharing your adventures through your feed. Not only is this a great way to let others know what you are doing, but you can ask questions to learn about your followers to get their feedback. Maybe you are traveling to a new city and want to know the best spot for breakfast - just ask! You could even make a new friend to meet up for tea. 

4. Share your "friendors" (friends who are vendors) /

Community over competition is the way to go. Not only can you make great working relationships, but you can develop some wonder friends at the same time, so work together. It’s wonderful to collaborate and share photos working together (behind the scenes maybe?) and of course the final product. Tag, tag, tag your friends too. You never know who will be browsing your feed and find the perfect match in your friend. Isn’t it the best feeling to help a friend out?!

5. Share your work /

Lastly, of course you want to share your work with your followers. Are you a photographer? Filmmaker? Artist? Baker? Now is your time to share your best work and start a conversation around the process, experience and lessons learned.

Katherine Henry is the owner of Katherine Henry Boudoir, a Boudoir studio located just north of Boston, MA. She lives in Wilmington, MA with her husband Craig and their two children. Katherine has been photographing Boudoir since 2012 and her favorite part is watching and celebrating her client’s confidence. When not working in her studio she is spending time with her two little loves, Max and Ivy, most likely building with legos or baking yummy treats in the kitchen.


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