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🎶 "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." 🎵

Are you humming to yourself now? I'll apologize now for putting the tune in your head for the rest of the day. BUT! It's for good reason, and you can thank me later (wink wink).

How many times have you heard it?


Last year, many of you were disappointed that you missed the opportunity to be included in our annual Market Guide which is part of the issue that releases in October, which if you're doing the math, means that it comes out JUST BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS!

Pretty perfect, right?!

With super affordable rates, it's a must for businesses of all sizes. To be sure that you are "in the know," we're sharing about it WAY ahead of time this year. Catch all the juicy details below.

We publish a Creative Directory which is a resource guide for service based businesses. It only seems fair to provide a space for product based businesses as well. And with the last two years' Market Guides being so successful, there was no doubt we needed to do it again. 

We are preparing the next Market Guide for ISSUE 13 which releases in October...


want in?

It's super easy. click the button below to reserve your spot, and we'll be in touch with further details. Need a bit more info? Check out our media kit or last year's guide.

Previous Market Guide

Previous Market Guide

faq's about the market guide /

1. What does the fee include? / The $150 fee includes one item featured in the Market Guide inside ISSUE 13 and a feature in the 2018 Gift Guide. Along with a photo of the item will be the name of the item, price of the item and source/website to obtain the item.

2. What is the deadline? / The deadline to reserve space for the Market Guide is 08/24/18.

3. Can I submit more than one item? / Yes, of course! Please fill out the form for each item you wish to feature. 

4. What do I do after I have submitted the form? / Technically, it's not an application, but rather a way to gather your information. You do not need to do anything. We will send you a confirmation of your listing and invoice to the email provided.

5. How long is the listing good for? / The listing will appear in ISSUE 13 which releases in October 2018. The print edition will remain on newsstands through the beginning of January. The digital edition will be available as a free download indefinitely. We will also include your item(s) in the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide.

6. How is payment handled? / Once you've provided your information via the online form, we will send you an invoice via WAVE where you are able to pay via credit card or paypal.

7. What dates will the issue that the Market Guide is in be available? / The Market Guide will appear in ISSUE 13 which will be released in early October 2018 and be on newsstands through early January 2019. 

8. What if I'm not ready? Can I get in the next one? / We only feature the Market Guide once a year. We will be opening the 2018 Gift Guide up for additional features for only $50 each in September. Or, if you're looking for a similar opportunity in the magazine, consider product placement on our "featured finds" pages in issues that do not have a Market Guide.

9. How do people get the magazine? / The print edition is distributed to subscribers, can be purchased via pre-order on our site, found in Barnes & Noble stores nationwide and at several small shops across the country. The digital edition is offered for free on our website indefinitely. 

It's going to be so good. You don't want to miss this opportunity!  Deadline is 08/24/18.

Email if you have further questions.

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