7 ways to keep your business momentum going (even in a slow season)


Whether it’s summer break or the holidays, it’s no surprise in the world of freelancing and entrepreneurship that customers and clients won’t always be knocking at your door. And that’s fine!

Take the slow season as a time to strategize and actually focus on you and your business potential.

I keep an ongoing list of overall business goals and tasks I should accomplish for exactly this type of downtime. They range from small tweaks on my website to larger projects like looking for grants and funding – allowing me to keep me on my toes when I feel like I have nothing to do.

7 ways to keep your momentum going even during a slow season by melissa alam as featured in belong magazine ISSUE 08

Here’s a list of seven ways to keep your business momentum going during a dreaded client/customer slump.


Some people pray for extra time in the day to focus on their business – so use this free time as a blessing. Look at the content you’re currently producing and see if you can create more assets, blog posts, marketing opt-ins, or resources for your community. Or maybe you can take this time to start a new project such as a podcast or video webinars. Make sure to create an editorial calendar and/or overall game plan and schedule things out for the next 3-6 months to keep you busy.


You’d be surprised by how much you could update on your site once you actually find the time. Update your plugins, any SEO title or alt tags on posts/images, testimonials from recent clients, copy on your About page…you name it. There’s so much you can do to bring your website up-to-date, so spend some time on giving your brand and business a fresh new cleanse.


Ever fall into the black hole of Pinterest? (Raises hand…). Now’s a great time to update your Pinterest boards or share your own content (ahem #1) for extra traffic and exposure. Or start curating and scheduling posts for social media via tools like Planoly, Buffer or Hootsuite. If you have your Instagram Business profile set up, you can check out your insights and see what type of posts receive the most impressions and engagement. Use the data you find out to your advantage during this downtime and sharpen your social media presence!


Melissa Alam is the Founder & CEO of Femme & Fortune, a digital platform and creative marketing agency for the modern, ambitious woman. A self-proclaimed #ideaholic, Melissa is best known for creating the first all-female coworking space in Philadelphia called The Hive, as well as her yearly conference for women called FearlessCon. When she’s not busy behind her computer screen, Melissa can be found traveling the world and connecting dots between people and communities. She and her businesses have been featured in publications such as BuzzFeed, The Everygirl, Philly.com, CBS Philly, World Women Foundation and more. 

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