How to Create a Brand Board

Sometimes, words just don’t cut it. We need something more. Something we can soak in visually that surpasses words. And when it comes to business, images are essential. This is where brand boards (or mood boards) come in.

They say in pictures and color what you are trying to convey in words.

belong brand board - how to create a brand board - belong magazine blog

Don’t think that you need fancy software or crazy design skills to create a board of your own. Here is a step-by-step guide to quickly create a board like this one.

  1. Create a Pinterest board for your brand/mood board images (see our pinterest brand board here.)

  2. Pin appropriate images to your board.

  3. Once you've got a collection, create a folder on your computer where you want to save your brand board image files.

  4. Choose 5-8 pins that you want to include on your board. Click the pin, double tap and “save the image” to your folder.

  5. Go to PicMonkey and click collage at the top.

  6. At the left, choose add images. Select the images you wish to use from the file you created.

  7. At the far left, select the second option down to choose your layout. Choose one such as jigsaw or pinter-etsy. You can add boxes to the collage by dragging images and inserting them in between existing boxes. You can also alter sizes of the boxes by dragging the handles at the sides.

  8. At the far left, select the top option to work with your images again. Click autofill.

  9. To fill a box with a color, select the palette at the far left. Under color, select cell. Choose your color. Click the dropper on the box you’d like filled--it needs to be an empty box so if there is an image in it, you will need to “x” the image to see only color.

  10. Move the images and colors around and resize as you like.

  11. Once completed, don’t forget to save!

If nothing else, I find the process quite fun. And the finished product is a delight to look at and a useful tool to reference in the future.