Online Belong Resource Guide

Did you see the amazing Resource Guide in ISSUE 04? There are hundreds of businesses and other resources listed. Whether you're seasoned or just starting, this guide is set up to help you with all aspects of your business from branding to blogging to behind the scenes.

The ISSUE 04 Resource Guide has been received so well that we are not only planning to make the guide available on our website (free download) but to expand the guide to include other small businesses and resources that may want to join. (Please note: if you are already in the Resource Guide published in ISSUE 04, your listing automatically will appear in the updated guide.)

Belong Online Resource Guide Sample Page

Belong Online Resource Guide Sample Page

The Resource Guide features several different categories including:

  • ATTEND / workshops + events
  • BEHIND THE LENS / photography + videography
  • BLOG / blog related resources
  • COMMUNITY / business or creative groups (online or in-person)
  • DESIGN / graphic or design related services
  • DEVELOP / business development, coaching, strategy
  • LEARN / webinars + education
  • MONEY + LEGAL / accounting + legal 
  • SUPPORT / technical support, virtual assistants, etc... 
  • TOOLS / applications or other tools

We don't know about you, but this is something that we wish we'd had when starting Belong a year ago. There are SO many resources out there, but how are you supposed to find them exactly if you don't know they exist?! This guide will connect women with one another, allowing them to use their talents to support one another and make things happen! 

Ready to sign up?

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ's below or you can email us at


1. What does the fee include? / There are three types of listings. The standard listing is three lines--company name, brief description (up to 40 characters) and website. The listing + logo is the same as the standard listing except that your logo is included. The premium listing is the standard listing with a full space for your logo. If you look at the "sample guide," examples of the standard listing would be Bloguettes and Rising Tide Society. Examples of the listing + logo would be Create & Cultivate and Socality. Examples of the premium listing would be Think Creative Collective and The Social Society.

2. What can be included at each level? / Each level includes the basic three lines with the company name, brief description (up to 40 characters) and website. The listing + logo allows you to add a small logo. The premium listing allows a whole separate space for your logo.

3. Can I be listed under multiple headings? / YES! You can select as many headings as you wish on the form and will be invoiced for each listing. 

4. What is the deadline? / The deadline for the Resource Guide is 09/20/16 for this round (though we plan to open it up again at some point).

5. If I am in the current Resource Guide published in ISSUE 04, do I have to reapply or pay again to get in the "online" Resource Guide? / No, but if you have any updates to your listing, you'll want to email those to

6. What do I do after I have submitted my application? / Technically, it's not an application, but a way to gather your information. You do not need to do anything. We will send you an invoice containing the listing information to the email provided.

7. Seems like all the companies in the listing are in CA so I may not be a good fit. / The Resource Guide "sample page" is JUST AN EXAMPLE  of what the guide will look like. These companies are not necessarily included in the guide. You can see the current listings in the Resource Guide in ISSUE 04.

8. How long is the listing good for? / The listing is for six months (through March 31, 2017) at which point you can renew if you wish.

9. What if my information changes during the six months? / If you need to update information during the six month period, you can contact and have it changed for a $10 fee. 

10. How is payment handled? / Once you've provided your information via the online form, we will send you an invoice via paypal. Listings submitted via the form will not be placed in the guide if payment is not received by 09/25/16.

11. Where and when will the Resource Guide be available? / The Resource Guide will be available on our website October 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017.

Are you ready?