I don’t wait for April’s showers to bring May’s flowers—especially not when Trader Joe’s offers such a tempting array of beautiful (and affordable) blooms all year long. There is something energizing about vibrant buds gracing my workspace. I work a little faster, dream a little bigger, feel a little lighter in my soul. Even if I buy them for myself, they still make me feel special (though, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be given flowers). 

If I could, I’d send you a bunch of pink peonies (a personal fave) wrapped in brown paper and tied with ribbon as a reminder that you matter and that you are loved. Since that’s not possible, we will share our beautiful cover for ISSUE 03 (which releases next week). 

The cover photo was selected from the collection of pictures from the Gather Workshop (which is featured in Issue 03—trust me, you’ll love it). The flowers are stunning and impeccably arranged in that knobby, glass vase, but what most drew me to this image was the fact that it feels like someone is handing them to me—that they are for me! No people, no faces, but yet it feels so intimate and relational.

So we offer you ISSUE 03. It is for you! The content was curated with you in mind. The layout and design was deliberately executed to be pleasing to your eyes. The whole piece was created JUST FOR YOU! We can’t give you real flowers, but we can give you this. We hope you love it.