We mentioned the t-shirt idea last summer. I know, I know, everyone does t-shirts. So why did we jump on the bandwagon? Well, obviously, people really LIKE t-shirts. Especially soft, comfy ones. Right? (the correct answer is “right”.)

We wanted to find a way to spread the message of Belong in ways outside the pages of the magazine. We think the idea of belonging is something that resonates with everyone. Yes, you can admit it, it even resonates with you. What’s great is that this t-shirt acts as a great reminder not only to you, but to those around you (who happen to be staring at your chest awkwardly—wink wink), that we all matter.

So remember: YOU BELONG. We want you to believe it, preach it, wear it and share it!

You can get a t-shirt in the shop and share the love with the world!

P.S. There is a coupon code for our lucky email subscribers to get a t-shirt for $15! If you’re not a subscriber, you can sign up by clicking the box on our home page.