Community over Competition

No words, friend. You totally overwhelmed me with your encouragement after my little "freak out" on instagram. Really. It was community over competition in action; women cheering other women on. And I loved it (who wouldn't?!). It made me feel so good and ready to face the next thing.

The Belong Community is meant to cheer other women creatives/entrepreneurs on, right? I know you and I can't do it all; I don't support because I just don't know. So I wanted to make you aware an opportunity to put those words into action and practice community over competition. 

I want to introduce you to a some ladies who have similar visions to Belong, but slightly different angles--one thing's for sure: we are all about women being authentic and creating a community to foster that authenticity. Both @hollandlanemag and @officialverityvaree have some amazing things going on right now and I want to share them with you.

HOLL & LANE: Holl & Lane is a bi-monthly magazine, just like Belong. But their message is different. It reads like this: each time you open up and share a part of your story, you help someone else feel less alone. Holy & Lane is more than a magazine. It's a place to sit, away from the storm, and realize that others have been through hard times too and made it through. And so will you. Holl & Lane will continue to tell stories that are inspiring, empowering, and brave. They’ve had stories on PTSD, being a teen mom, life as a military wife, postpartum depression, cultural identity, a mother’s disappearance, and weight loss surgery. If you're interested in seeing more, go to their website or to their funding campaign

VERITY VAREÉ: The goal of Verity Vareé is to reveal the truth about beauty. As they've told the stories of the women around them, they've seen the impact this truth has on all the women who read their stories. By producing and printing the first Vv True Beauty Collective Book, featuring the women they've photographed and interviewed through their Reveal process, they are endeavoring to change our culture's perception of beauty so that your story, your passions, and your inner and outer beauty are seen for what they are: intrinsically worthwhile, unique, and truly beautiful. You can go here to support Verity Vereé in their effort to create their first Vv True Beauty Collective Book or visit their site to see more of their work.

I knew you'd appreciate knowing about them. Aren't they amazing? I love that we an all have similar core values but express them in so many different and beautiful ways. And it's a lovely thing that we can all support one another.