Holiday Hacks for the Busy Entrepreneur / Part One

We asked some of our favorite Savvy Business Owners how they handle the craziness of the holidays on top of their already crazy business responsibilities. What are their top tips and ideas for making the holiday season more manageable? They had so many great thing to share, we are having to split it up over a few days to share all the goodness! Don't miss the other posts in this series.

holiday hacks for the busy business woman and entrepreneur - Belong Magazine Blog - keep the crazy under control this Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and more!

NICKI ZEVOLA shares...

Choose one or two things that are important to you, and then outsource or automate the rest. For me, that means I will carefully select presents and decorate the tree with my husband. But you better believe I'm buying store bought cookies, using shortcuts like boxed stuffing and pre-made side dishes, and getting help cleaning my house afterwards! Remember that what is valued by your family and friends is your presence -- and being a stressed out, frazzled, or overworked version of yourself means you're less present. The most loving thing I think I can do sometimes is remember to genuinely connect and enjoy my time making memories with my loved ones.


Send thoughtful cards and unique gifts with just a few clicks this holiday season. I love using Postable to send good old-fashioned snail mail to my biz friends, partners, clients, and even family members! Greetabl takes happiness to another level by delivering fun gifts with customized packaging. It's the busy entrepreneur's perfect solution for sending client gifts or treating your biz besties.

Caitlin Horton is a brand strategist and designer for entrepreneurs, community builders, and creative professionals who want to grow thoughtfully and strategically. She is also the author of Memphis Type History: Signs and Stories from Just Around the Corner. / instagram: @dizzycaitlin / Twitter: @dizzycaitlin / Pinterest:

JORDAN GILL shares...

When looking for gifts, I always review people's social media feeds for help. If they travel a lot flying Southwest, I will get them a Southwest giftcard. Or if they take bubble baths, I will get them some candles. It makes the gift giving experience a lot more thoughtful!

Jordan Gill is the Founder of Personalized Procedures, a business operations agency that blends the perfect words and systems to make your company run smoothly. They love implementing workflows - for your clients and for your team. Her newest venture is a podcast called Systems Saved Me that showcases how business owners from a variety of industries navigate their way to success - through systems, of course! She resides in the heart of Texas, Dallas. / Instagram@personalizedprocedures, @jordan_hillery



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