2017 planner round-up

Though technology is great, and I truly love all the freedom and flexibility it provides, there is still something about a paper planner. 

Obviously, since we publish a print magazine (in addition to digital), we do not buy into the "print is dead" motto which also applies to planners. There is something about writing it down that commits things to memory in a way that typing it into my phone or computer does not. 

Here are some of the most fabulous planners you will come across.

The real problem becomes, how do you choose just one?!

Planner round up-2.jpg

Photographer's Planner* - $65 / Intentional Planner (with free phone case) - $86/ LiveWell Planner - $54 / To-Do Planner - $35/ "The Best Is Yet to Come" Classic Planner - $37.50 / Erin Condren Life Planner - $55 / Purposeful Planner - $52 / ShePlans - $56 / The Collegiate Daybook - $35 / Simplified Planner  - $58 / Make It Happen Powersheets - $55/ Day Designer - $59 / Happy Balance Planner - $36 / My Business Planner  - $49 / ReFRESH Planner - $39.95

*Our friends at Galler.ee have offered a special code for the Belong Community! Use code: BELONGLOVE to get $20 off. 

What is your favorite planner and why? Do you like daily, weekly, monthly? Colorful or plain? Large or small? I'm curious! Do tell!

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