We absolutely love seeing your posts on instagram. Insta is by far our favorite social media, and this is why. We are so grateful for our faithful followers and all their posts about Belong. Keep it up! 

We also think the idea of reinventing the centerfold is pretty amazing too. In both ISSUE 00 and ISSUE 01, we including this "you belong" center spread. (ISSUE 02 is a new one, so you'll have to check it out!). 

We recently had a contest requesting posts of the "you belong" centerfold. Here are a couple posts from our recent #youbelong contest. (clockwise from top left: @sabrinamariefrench / @hedoepaper / @amysmonkeys / @reeve_currie).

Though we wish we could choose them all, our team has chosen @sabrinamariefrench's post as the winning post. (she's a doll, isn't she?) to be the recipient of a free print copy of ISSUE 02. All the other entries, we have a little something for you too, so email us at info@belong-mag.com. Thank you all for your love, support and amazing posts!